See the world with ideas
See the world with ideas


Ideawan — The blog title comes from a combination of the word “idea”; and a part of my family name; Wan.  I am Malaysian but I like to think of myself a citizen of the world. I have lived in Australia and Germany as a university student. Currently, I am residing in the United Arab Emirates with my small family. 

I have an advanced degree in neuroscience but I never see myself as a bench person. I prefer communicating about science, that’s why ever since hanging my lab coat, I’ve pursued a career as a lecturer, editor, and writer.

I love writing. It is my aspiration to make a living out of my interest in science and my love for the written word. On the personal side, I am a mother, wife, travel and photography enthusiast, colouring book newbie.

This blog is a platform for me to pen some thoughts about my interests: minimalism, living abroad, bits about science and education, writing, photography, travel, and anything that interests me.